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Hatima Foundation is dedicated to providing education and food for the most needy children in Africa. Not only this, but Hatima Foundation also helps other foundations to achieve statutory objectives related to the financing of aid projects using the latest technology. As of this date, the foundation is already supporting several dozen projects from two African countries: Sierra Leone and Ghana.

Hatima Foundation has also been actively involved in the Sierra Leone Children’s Nutrition program. The program has so far been attended by hundreds of children who had either lost their parents as a result of the Ebola epidemic, or did not have enough funding to afford their education and meals for other reasons. The foundation works closely with wonderful people from Salesians of Don Bosco whose mission is to provide care for the most needy. Thanks to the support of our donors, we have managed to create a unique organisation that provides basic education and food to the underprivileged children of Africa.

Donors of the Foundation can be private individuals, companies, investors, advertisers. Anyone who wants to help decides what amount to donate to a project of their choice. The Hatima Foundation, by collecting projects from various foundations, supports the individual and transfers money to specific actions. Donors may make a one-time payment of the declared amount or regularly fund the account of the selected foundation.
The activities of the Hatima Foundation are focused on the realization of their own projects and the support of other charity and non-profit foundations in achieving their statutory objectives for the financing of aid projects. A special applications supported by Hatima allows you to donate to a specific project.
Own projects and reported to the Hatima Foundation are aimed at helping specific people (mostly children), supporting education and improving the quality of life.

Financial support

Providing financial or material assistance to people and institutions appointed to treat or care for the sick.

Information and educational actions

Support by means of information and educational activities of public benefit activities carried out by third parties.

Modern technologies

Promote the use of modern technology in the running of public benefit organizations.


To carry out activities aimed at gathering financial resources through fundraising organized on the internet, including through social networking sites, SEO, adwords, advertising etc.

Legal aid

Protection, acquisition, administration, use and disposal of foundation property, including intellectual property rights in accordance with applicable laws.

Moral and financial support

Organizing moral and financial support for public benefit activities and co-operating with governmental and self-governmental authorities and other organizations in this area.


Develop awareness of active participation in public interest organizations and support their goals. Activation involving participation in the design, production and sharing of materials for educational purposes, campaigns, exhibitions and media.


Support for educational, publishing and non-profit educational activities.


Financing activities and projects related to public benefit activities.

Help us!

The Hatima Foundation is actively involved in projects supported by friendly foundations and their own. These activities aim to attract as many donors as possible. The Foundation finances its activities with funds from investors, donors and advertisers who have agreed to engage in the promotion of selected projects.

We will be grateful for any financial support we will make available to help our founding foundations and own foundation projects.

Hatima Foundation

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Projects in collaboration with the Omenaa Foundation

The Hatima Foundation has started cooperation with the Omenaa Foundation. Hatima actively supports Omenaa projects provides a IT solution, marketing automation technology and support in social media.

Activities implemented by the Hatima Foundation:

Technological assistance

Providing technology in the form of a dedicated web site designed to be used by the foundation.

Content Marketing

Publish attractive and useful content that will appeal to a well-defined audience and gain potential donors. Content marketing is based on building long-term relationships with the recipient through the interaction and engagement of both parties.

Graphic project

Graphic presentation of the project, purchase of photographs and other necessary graphic work.

Social media profiles

Preparation of community profiles for the foundation commissioning projects and integration with .

Strategy in social media

Develop strategies for reaching target groups and making the project available on social networking sites.

Inventory of projects

Preparation of a list of charity projects to be presented to donors. Their graphic design, descriptions prepared by professional editors etc.

The television campaign

Preparation and coordination of the television campaign.

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